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Terramor Organic Home seeks to promote a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle by providing the community with information and organic, non-toxic home products.

Our comfy bed!

Terramor is a retail business focusing on bed, bath and baby products, all made from non-toxic, organic and sustainably harvested materials. We offer a healthy option to consumers who wish to promote not only their own well-being, but the future of the human race on planet earth.

Many common toxins such as fire retardants pose the greatest threat to the undeveloped systems of children and babies, and some researchers point to home pollution as a leading cause of the massive increase of developmental disorders in the United States in recent decades.

The mattresses sold by Terramor are engineered to be resistant to fire without the need for synthetic chemical additives. This is just one example of the healthy products that Terramor provides for individuals, families and businesses who are seeking to create a non-toxic environment.

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